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Understand the many components of flamenco cante (singing), toque (guitar playing) and baile (dance). Our flamenco dance classes can provide you with a great workout while having fun as well!

Join us for fun, inspiring, informative, energetic, and transformative flamenco dance classes at the Tennessee Conservatory of Fine Arts in West Knoxville.

Currently, we offer opportunities for children and adults. Our classes are ongoing for most of the year with short vacation breaks and we offer periodic performance opportunities for students at all levels.

Flamenco can help you improve your stage presence, posture, stamina, provides great exercise for the body and mind and can challenge your coordination abilities.

In addition, flamenco is an individual dance and although classes cater to students in groups, you can dance without the need of a partner. 

PASIÓN FLAMENCA dance group is dedicated to sharing the rich tradition of Spanish dance, music, and culture. Since 2016 our dancers have been entertaining our audiences with traditional flamenco music and dance and continue to bring educational programs to local schools and organizations interested in learning more about flamenco music and dance, typical to Andalucia (Spain).

Please visit our Pasion Flamenca page to learn more about our performing group members. 

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